Safe Routes National Partnership now in the Pacific Northwest

In Portland, Every Day Is Walk and Bike to School Day

The folks over at Streetfilms have done it again — here they give us a great piece about how every day is walk and bike to school day in Portland.

In many areas of the country the statistics are bleak — only a small fraction of children bike or walk to school. But Portland, Oregon has bucked the trend: The number of kids using their feet to get to school is up 25 percent since 2006!

It couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time: the Safe Routes to School National Partnership (National Partnership) has just launched an initiative in the Pacific Northwest to increase funding opportunities and improve transportation policies that support safe walking and bicycling for children and families in the greater Portland metro region.

This video is a wonderful example of how Portland has made getting to school by foot and wheels fun and successful through a unique blend of infrastructure, planning, and outreach. The National Partnership looks forward to making success stories like these heard loud and clear from Salem to Vancouver, WA, and making it easier for everyone to get around actively and safely with their own two feet.

Kari Schlosshauer is your new Pacific Northwest regional policy manager, based in Portland, OR.

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