SRTS Job at Clackamas County

Clackamas County Transportation, in Partnership with the Confluence Environmental Center, has advertised a Safe Routes to Schools Program Outreach and Encouragement Coordinator to focus on education and outreach of the health, safety, and environmental benefits of youth walking and bicycling to school throughout the diverse communities in the North Clackamas School District (Clackamas, Sunnyside, Happy Valley, Milwaukie).

This position is a new AmeriCorps position and it will conduct outreach and serve as an encouragement resource to three to four schools in North Clackamas School District, and engage with North Clackamas School District and the Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO’s) to better understand the barriers to more diverse, low‐income schools in participating in Safe Routes to Schools programs, and how what unique programs can be developed to take advantage of opportunities to better serve these schools.

Read the full job description (PDF). The position closes at the end of July.

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