Walk & Bike to School in May

This year marks the ten year anniversary of the Safe Routes to School program. A decade ago, in July of 2005, Congress passed federal legislation that established a National Safe Routes to School program to improve safety for walking and bicycling routes to school. Today, we know not only of the safety benefits of more kids walking and bicycling, but also improvements in health, physical activity, equity (pdf), and air quality, as well as reduced traffic congestion, safer & more efficient school bus service (pdf), cost savings, and community building. What a long way we have come!


2015 also marks the celebration of the fourth annual National Bike to School Day. Bike to School Day is on Wednesday, May 6th and many schools in Oregon & SW Washington are signed up to participate with extra-fun events on that day, including great give-aways, fun bike trains, and even a few parties — be sure to let your students know to walk, bike, or roll on Wednesday, and have fun out there!

Friday, May 1 was the first day of the Oregon & SW Washington Fire Up Your Feet Spring Activity Challenge — a great way to start helping support a healthier school environment. In Oregon, as a registrant of Fire Up Your Feet, you & your school are also registered for the Walk+Bike Challenge. With this partnership you have a chance to really make a difference for your school. The terrific weekly prizes and incentives with the Walk+Bike Challenge, added to Fire Up Your Feet cash awards, will help support your school wellness efforts all year.

Fire Up Your Feet Breakout Challenge #1 (runs from May 1-8)
K-8 schools with 20 participants tracking at least one activity will be entered into a drawing for cash prize. Winners will be announced the following week. Here are a few helpful hints to increase your school’s chances of winning this and other awards:

  • Want to track an activity for many – even hundreds – of students with just a few clicks? Create a Group (such as a classroom) and when you track an activity for the group, it will be logged for every individual in that group.
  • Want to be sure everyone that registers counts as a participant? Make sure participants track activity at least once during the Challenge period.
  • Finally, want to cinch the victory? Make sure your school has a minimum of 10 participants by encouraging five parents to register and track, sending flyers home with students, pinning a poster on your school’s bulletin board or inserting a blurb into your school newsletter.

Participants are already winning prizes, so sign up today, start walking & rolling, and track your activity!

Happy Bike Month!

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