Now is the time to speak up for Washington state’s kids

In Washington state’s 2015 legislative session, state House and Senate transportation leaders have worked for many months to craft transportation revenue proposals that include critical safe biking and walking investments. Both the Senate and House transportation proposals made important contributions and forward progress, with the House transportation proposal setting a foundation for new walking and biking investments at approximately $236 million over a 16-year timeframe.

These investment increases are significant and worth supporting.

Please thank your legislators today for their work to date on the transportation package and ask them for more school safety investments.

Eighty-four percent of Washington state voters think funding for Safe Routes to School should be prioritized in the transportation budget. More can be done to invest in the state’s Safe Routes to School grant program. Currently only 1 in 4 school safety projects are getting funded. With a modest increase from the House funding levels, we can enable even more locally driven school safety projects to reach completion.

Now is the time to ask legislators to support the House proposal’s initial investment levels for biking and walking, and to remind the legislature that their work is not done. We are so close to making more school safety projects a reality. Our partners at Washington Bikes have posted a great write up on the revenue package with a link to send a letter to your legislators to thank them for their work to date and to ask for more needed school safety investments.

Thank you for taking the time to thank our state legislators for investing in our children, and remind them that every child in Washington state deserves the chance to safely walk and roll to school.

Please send a note to your Washington state legislator today. Click here now.

Thanks for your support of safe and healthy routes to school for all of Washington’s kids!

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