$3000 grants available to write or update School Actions Plans

Whether your school is in Keizer or Tualatin, a current School Action Plan is a great way to continue or re-start down the path of Safe Routes to School.

While not a requirement of the Enhance application process by the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) for sidewalk and bicycle facilities projects, the selection committees of ODOT’s Area Commissions on Transportation (ACTs) suggest that Action Plans are often very persuasive evidence of the need for the project in enhancing the safety of students walking to the school site.

While we cannot guarantee the funding picture for the future of Oregon Safe Routes to School non-infrastructure grants to fund Safe Routes to School programs and coordinators, we are hopeful for another round for fiscal year 2017 (starts Oct 2016). To apply for these, your school or district will need a current action plan.

If your school, PTA, neighborhood, or town wants to take a closer look at barriers and opportunities to increase walking and bicycling to school and throughout the community, now is a great time to start.

Mini-Grants for School Action Plans are currently available, and these can be used to update outdated Action Plans (those older than 5 years) — Applications with budgets up to $3000 due April 13, 2015.

Read more about School Action Plans, get in touch with Lynne if you have questions, and be sure to apply soon!

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