Report: How States are Adapting to Federal Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP)

Since 2005, federal transportation funds have been available for Safe Routes to School projects across the nation, helping to ensure children can walk and bicycle safely to and from school. In 2012, Congress consolidated the federal Safe Routes to School program into the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP), and made a number of changes to how those funds are awarded to states. A new report by the Safe Routes to School National Partnership examines how different states have adapted to those changes and how they are impacting the availability of and demand for Safe Routes to School funds. For the report, the National Partnership conducted interviews with 10 state department of transportation Safe Routes to School coordinators to gather information about their TAP implementation decisions are affecting Safe Routes to School funding.

While changes under the new law are still being implemented by state departments of transportation, this analysis examines trends in funding for Safe Routes to School, the impact of federal matching requirements on low income communities, and best practices for states to sustain Safe Routes to School programs under the Transportation Alternatives Program.

The full report is available here.

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