Oregon’s Healthy Future

Oregon’s Healthy Future, also known as the Statewide Health Improvement Plan (SHIP), was developed through stakeholder and community engagement processes from 2010 and 2012. The vision of Oregon’s Healthy Future is that communities are empowered to improve the lifelong health of all people in Oregon. The current priorities are to improve health equity; prevent and reduce tobacco use; slow the increase of obesity; improve oral health; and reduce substance abuse and other untreated behavioral health issues.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is updating Oregon’s Healthy Future to reflect the needs of key partners and communities throughout the state.

One key way to improve the health of Oregonians is through comprehensive active transportation routes and networks. Active Transportation helps contribute to positive health outcomes by allowing our communities to choose active travel to their destinations — whether that is to school, to work, to the park or to the grocery store. Choice in our transportation system not only allows us the opportunity to be active and reduce obesity, it also provides all members of the community equitable opportunities to safe and healthy transportation options, increasing health equity for everyone. Policies that promote walking and bicycling are critical to economic prosperity, equity and health.

Consider attending a community engagement meeting in the Metro region in June, and contribute to the discussion about what should be involved in Oregon’s Healthy Future Plan.

Multnomah County
Monday June 2, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
800 NE Oregon, PSOB 1B
Portland, OR 97232

Washington County
Monday June 30
more information to come

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