Active Transportation Investments Generate Greater Economic Recovery

According to a study from 2011, bicycle projects create 11.4 jobs for every $1 million invested — 46% more than motor vehicle-only focused road projects. Pedestrian projects, 10 jobs per $1 million. Multi-use trail projects, 9.6 jobs. Road-only projects — only 7.8 jobs.

In Indianapolis — yes that place that is home to really fast racing cars — the city took $20.5 million federal TIGER grant and leveraged it into a $62.5 million mix of public and private funding and created an 8-mile bicycle and pedestrian trail that is generating ripples of economic development and impact.


Communities want safe, accessible streets that people of all ages and abilities can use and enjoy. Such streets support local businesses, encourage economic development and promote healthy communities. Cities and communities have found that creating Complete Streets — those that foster walking, bicycling and transit usage — provide a wide range of benefits to their residents and make their communities desirable places to live.

Check out our fact sheet on the Economic Benefits of Complete Streets and imagine what could be done for our region and our economy if we prioritize and invest in complete streets.

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