Clackamas County to create Active Transportation Plan


Clackamas County is in the middle of a year-long Active Transportation Plan study to identify principal cycling and walking routes between major destinations through Clackamas County, both urban and rural.

They are currently seeking public feedback on potential routes through a virtual open house and survey from February 10-23. Access the open house and let Clackamas County know what you think the priorities for active transportation are.

The purpose of the Clackamas County Active Transportation Plan (ATP) is to identify and prioritize the primary network of active transportation corridors or routes that connect the communities in Clackamas County, both rural and urban.

Four goals will guide development of the Clackamas County Active Transportation Plan:

·        Active Transportation Infrastructure: Plan a comprehensive active transportation network consisting of multi-use paths, bikeways and walkways in Clackamas County to encourage more residents to bicycle or walk for recreation and transportation.

·        Connectivity: Develop routes that provide connection to parks, town centers, businesses and other significant destinations in Clackamas County.

·        Tourism Development: Create an active transportation system that will be a draw for tourists and an opportunity to promote Clackamas County as one of the premier cycling destinations in Oregon.

·        Accessibility and Safety: Build an active transportation network that is accessible and safe for all ages, abilities and incomes.

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