Washington County: TSP Open House 1/30

Washington County is updating its Transportation System Plan (TSP)

Washington County is studying the current transportation system and how it could change to better meet the long-term needs of the County’s residents, businesses, and visitors. The result of this study will be an updated Transportation System Plan (TSP) that will include all transportation modes, including freight, pedestrians and bicyclists, transit, rail networks, airport, and motor vehicles.

Addressing walking and bicycling access and connectivity is a key part of making our regional transit system work, providing options for all residents and visitors in Washington County to get around, and allowing for opportunities for physical activity to be built into our everyday lives — whether we’re making that last mile connection to the MAX, taking a walk at lunchtime, or finding safe routes to school for our kids. Now is your opportunity to review draft maps of the long-range plan for the transportation system and give feedback:

East County (Central Beaverton/Aloha/Metzger/Garden Home area)
Thursday, January 30, 2014 from 4-8pm at Valley Catholic High School
4275 SW 148th Ave., Beaverton, OR 97007


The Virtual Open House will be available online until February 21, 2014.

Does the TSP update accurately represent what you would like to see in Washington County over the next 20 years? Will Washington County’s students be able to go by safe routes to school? How are active transportation projects being considered?

We encourage our partners to take a look at this plan, attend an open house, and provide input. This is a great opportunity to have a say in Washington County as they develop their transportation system plan for the next 20 years.

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