What will Washington County’s transportation future look like?

Live in, work in, visit or travel through Washington County? Do Beaverton, Tualatin, Forest Grove and all points between matter in how you get around?

Would you like to see more or improved Safe Routes to School programs and active transportation routes in Washington County? How do you envision the future of all forms of transportation for people of all ages and abilities in Washington County? Here is your opportunity to speak up.

Read more about the Washington County Transportation Study.

(c) Will Vanlue

(c) Will Vanlue

From the website: The Washington County Transportation Study will evaluate the long-term transportation strategies and investments needed to sustain the county’s economic health and quality of life in the coming decades. This study provides the opportunity to:

  • think big and look far beyond the Transportation System Plan’s 20-year horizon;
  • study the county’s evolving demographic and economic conditions, development trends and travel patterns;
  • evaluate pros and cons of alternative transportation investment scenarios; and
  • position us for continued success in the future.

The study results will help policy makers understand the opportunities and challenges facing the County and will help inform future decisions about transportation funding needs and priorities.

Submit comments to Washington County before January 28, 2014 — you can then forward your comments on to the Pacific Northwest regional policy manager for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership at kari@saferoutespartnership.org — or post them here. Kari will be compiling comments concerning Safe Routes to School and active transportation in Washington County.


Related: Did you see that Washington County voted to spend $3 million on biking and walking projects?

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